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The Naked Selfie: Citizen Porn or Self Exploitation?

It’s a good bet that most of us over the age of 50 have never sent a sexy picture of ourselves to a lover or partner. However, given current trends, we sexting virgins are set to become a smaller section … Continue reading

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Female Ejaculation – Fact or Porn Fantasy?

Do some women ejaculate like men? In the twentieth century the experience of female ejaculation was widely believed to be an invention of Victorian pornographers, particularly William Lazenby’s notorious The Pearl, published in 1879 and banned the next year.  Masters … Continue reading

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Anything Goes. But Keep it In Your Head. Review of “Phone Whore” by Cameryn Moore

Fantasy is an essential component of human sexual desire. That much was recognised by the early pioneers of psychotherapy. However, for much of the twentieth century it was our sexual behaviour rather than our sexual imaginations that occupied the attention … Continue reading

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