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Introduction to Sex Therapy – Presentation to West Country Association for Counselling

 Introduction to Sex Therapy – WAC 13-03-2014 Many thanks to all those who attended the West Country Association for Counselling evening at Relate in Exeter on Thursday, 13 March, for my presentation “An Introduction to Sex Therapy”. Special thanks to … Continue reading

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Play Bad Sex Media Bingo

Cringingly bad documentaries on sex now seem to be a standard of mid-week TV schedules on Channel 4. After last week’s Porn on the Brain, my expectations of C4’s next offering in the genre to be broadcast on Monday, Sex … Continue reading

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Porn on the Brain – Ex-Lad Mag Editor Launders His Soul on TV

God loves a sinner that repents more than ninety-nine righteous men. But when it comes to preaching on TV about the effects of porn, even the Almighty might wince at the hypocrisy demonstrated on Channel 4 this week by Martin … Continue reading

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Academies Must Try Harder To Reassure Gay Parents

The recent news that a number of academy schools in the UK had banned the “promotion of homosexuality” in language redolent of the infamous Section 28 policy of the 1980s comes as no surprise to lesbian, gay and bisexual parents … Continue reading

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Sex Education and Faith Communities in the UK: Challenges and Opportunities

Panel Discussion Thursday – 18 July 2013 – 5pm – 7pm Donald McIntyre Building, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education 30 May 2013 – Should sex education in schools be as open as possible and or is it best left to … Continue reading

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The Wrong Trousers: Has a Bristol school got its sex education priorities on backwards?

A Bristol secondary school recently sent a letter to parents of female students regarding school uniform. The letter explains that in the last few months “an increasing number of parents” have been purchasing “tight fitting leggings/trousers or jeans” for their … Continue reading

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